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over the years i have been involved in a series of cultural initiatives, either non-profit or profitless, mostly based on voluntary work, with the main objective of producing and promoting cultural and scientific events. in majority i have either created or co-created these initiatives, others i joined. summarizing, i have managed and established cultural associations and cultural venues, edited newspapers regularly and developed specific events.

more info about my latest initiative can be found here.



science_and_cocktails is a regular series of events that consist on scientific lectures followed by media art performances and blended with dry ice cocktails. its aim is to create a night culture that evolves around knowledge and entertainment. it currently has an average of 200-250 guests attending the events. names like michael shermer, stuart hameroff and rupert sheldrake have participated. scientists, artists, mixologists and cocktail masters are involved in its organization.

more info here.

underground cinema byens_lys

byens_lys is an underground cinema in the heart of christiania with a very broad program of events. regular movie screenings, scientific talks, cabaret's, avant_garde and old_school music concerts and performances take place. as part of fabrikken, the collective that runs it, i take a role in deciding the program of events, managing bills and repairing.

more info can be obtained from here.

cocktail bar and art gallery huset_ved_kongens_have

hvkh was an initiave taken by the mixologist lars e. lyndgaard schmidt and designed by tina louise, which i later joined as co-owner and co-manager. it was a cocktail bar, art gallery and event house. parties and events were held for cph:dox, cph:pix, novo_nordisk, s_magazine, v_magazine, cph_photo_festival as well as many concerts and exhibitions. it ran for about a year in the period 2009-2010.


more info here.

cultural and scientific newspaper fazendo

this newspaper was created together with pedro lucas. it is based on crowdsourcing, it is structured into topics (different forms of art and science) for which there are corresponding coordinators. it was published every 15 days (nowdays is once a month). i have directed the publishing of 70 editions. we passed on the work to others in 2012 but it is still alive and growing after 4 years of existence.



more info here.

cultural association fazendo

the cultural association fazendo was an initiative taken together with pedro lucas in the azores islands in 2009. its main purpose was to publish a cultural and scientific newspaper every 15 days. it also organized art exhibitions, cultural events, workshops and discussion sessions. in the end it became a cultural beacon in faial island for cultural initiatives. we directed one internship over 2 years. we passed on the work to others in 2012 but it is still running and growing.

more info here.