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i create interactive art pieces mostly in collaboration with the live_art_installations group by designing and by doing live manipulation of light patterns and sequences using arduinos and max_msp. physics and mathematics are the basic tool in my work. i create interactive sound installations using arduino, matlab, mathematica and max_msp as the main programming languages.

more extensive info about most of my work can be found at the live_art_installations website.


floating orbs: underwater lighting

the orbs are floating underwater led lamps conceived by urbanbotics. the lamp itself shines simultaneously to the bottom of the ocean as well as to the upper screen. this installation was requested by islands brugge culture house for a winter solstice celebration. i designed the light patterns accordingly using an arduino with a dmx shield.

more info here.

deconstructing azorean traditional music

a simple sound installation which consisted on two boxes: one with an arduino and an acellerometer attached to a spring on a pole and another with an arduino and buttons attached to a pole. pressing the bottons played azorean traditional music while moving the spring manipulated the sound by sending wireless signals to max msp. this was made for a concert of o_experimentar_na_m'incomoda. all the welding and soldering was done by thomas jørgensen.

more info here.

led screen for science_and_cocktails

this led screen was made by thomas jørgensen for the battle of copenhagen. i then used it for the science_and_cocktails events creating different patterns as a sign language for the different periods of the event: cocktail time, lecture, performance, etc. the screen is wireless controlled using an arduino, an xbee and max_msp.


more info here.

battle of copenhagen: a scenic concert

the battle of copenhagen was a large scale event with more than 50 dancers, 100 double bass players, 4 sailing ships, 1 aquarium and 5 water platforms directed by live_art_installations. i designed all the light patterns for all the ships and platforms according to their theme. i did live manipulation of the patterns from the harbor using an xbee, an ipad and arduinos. there were more than 5000 people attending the event. i used an xbee library created by hjalte bested møller.



more info here.

submergible orbs: underwater lamps reacting to the sound of the city

the orbs are underwater submergible lamps conceived by urbanbotics. the installation consisted of 7 orbs reacting to the city sound by means of a hidden microphone for 3 consecutive days. from the harbor, shouting and talking activated different patterns. i designed the light patterns and pumped air to make them float at the surface using an arduino, dmx shield and relay switches that controlled 2 air compressors.

more info here.