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it gives me great pleasure to critize the rationalists whose primary view on the world is based on science and the new_age culture whose primary view is based on pseudoscience. these criticisms i transform into literature. i also like to conduct interviews to theoretical physicists about their views on the workings of the universe. i find this interesting since one is trying to understand physical reality exactly at the limit of our knowledge.


conversations on quantum gravity | in preparation

this is a book consisting of a collection of 30 interviews to theoretical physicists around the world about their views on the current state of the search for a theory of quantum gravity. it will be published in 2013. it counts with interviews to 4 nobel prize winners: franck wilczek, david gross, gerard 't hooft and steven weinberg. the book sales will be used for giving away a phd scholarship.

more info about this project will be available soon.

the set of all men (conjunto homem)

this is book is written in portuguese, won the 2nd prize in an azorean contest - labjovem 2009 - and was represented in frankfurt's international book fair in 2011 by the agent ella sher. it consists of philosophical investigations on rationalism and new_age portrayed by two characters: the mathematician and the guru. it is part of a triology which is in preparation and it will be published in 2013 by the editor companhia das ilhas.

more info about this project will be available soon.