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i forge sounds for concerts, events and documentaries using matlab, mathematica, max_msp and arduinos. most of my recent work has been directed to the live performances of o_experimentar_na_m'incomoda. i use different sensors such as ultrasound and infrared sensors as well as the built in sensors from the iphone and ipad to manipulate sounds using max_msp and ableton_live.

more extensive info about o_experimentar_na_m'imcomoda can be found here.


sound design for o_experimentar_na_m'incomoda

this is a music project created by pedro lucas and consists on reconstructing azorean traditional music using modern languages. electronica is a big part of it. i design different sounds and create different gadgets for live performances to manipulate the sounds using arduinos, sensors and max_msp. i also play the didgeridoo from now and then. the group has now 2 edited albums.

more info here | listen here.

music for science_and_cocktails

science_and_cocktails is a series of events that consist on scientific lectures, media art and cocktails. the events are blended with sound art, either in performances or simply by the music that creates the environment. i make some of the music for introduction movies as well as other sounds that are played during the course of the event. some of it are mixtures of samples taken from alva noto and ryoji ikeda's work.

more info here | listen here.

soundtrack for documentary on marine life

the department of biology of the azorean university requested an original soundtrack for a short 40min documentary on marine life entitled condor which will be screened on azorean television. pedro lucas and i composed several tracks using ableton live, matlab as well as analog instruments such as the digeridoo and the guitar.


listen here.